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Option 1. Open a channel to ln2me.com

Want to pay with lightning? Allocate routing capital? Enable withdrawals? Open a channel to our node!

Our node is well connected and balanced, with the highest possible BOS score;
You get one-hop access to more than 500 active peers, enabling the most successful payment routes.

Option 2. Establish a balanced channel for free

Running a routing node? Want to send and receive lightning payments? Open a balanced channel with our node!

Using balanced channels result in fewer failed payment attempts, maximizing routing through your node;
Get access to the flow of hundreds of routing events passing through our node every day.

1. Check if your node is eligible (you need at least 10 public channels with at least 20M sats total capacity):

2. Open a public channel to our node pushing half of the amount to our side (learn more in the FAQ).

For example, this is how you open a 4M sats balanced channel (2M each side):

Important: only push at opening, not afterwards, and push exactly half!

3. As soon as the channel confirms - fill the form below to get the pushed amount back to your onchain address!

Reach out if you have comments/questions, or if something goes wrong: contact@lightningto.me!


Why balanced channels?

If a channel only has liquidity on one side and someone tries to route through this channel in the "wrong" direction - the payment will fail. Failed payment attempts mean that your node will be penalized and used less for routing in the future. Payments through balanced channels usually succeed in both directions, increasing the probability of future forwards.

How can we trust you will send the funds back?

We are working on a trustless solution, but in the meantime, think about it from the game theory perspective. We've been in lightning since the beginning, invested months of engineering effort, opened hundreds of channels, locked up lots of our own funds. We are definitely not interested in ruining our hard-earned reputation overnight to steal a couple million sats from you :)

How do I do follow these steps using Umbrel or RTL?

Please consider switching to ThunderHub :)

Do you close the channels?

We try to keep active routing channels open for as long as possible. We do however sometimes close channels to free up the funds if 1) the channel is not used for more than a month or 2) your node is offline for more than a week.

How do you determine channel size eligibility?

The smallest channel size is 1M sats (500k each side) - it is not really economical to make smaller channels than that. The largest channel size for your node is your average channel size multiplied by 1.5 and rounded up to the nearest million sats, but not more than 10M sats. Want a larger channel? Reach out to contact@lightningto.me.

I did something wrong, have I lost my funds?

Most probably not! Reach out via contact@lightningto.me to discuss.

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